SAP Integration with E-commerce Platform

Skillset: PHP / WooCommerce / SAP 

Challenge: With an incomplete dataset across 2 SAP installations and no current means of automated online ordering for new or existing account customers. All orders are place via telephone or email. 

Result: Increased online presence with greater access to new and existing customers. Optmised business processes. 

This project was a challenging e-commerce project that involved different business units around the world using different datasets in different SAP configurations. 

Working with an external SAP consultant we were able to map out a data processes throughout the organisation and transpose that across the e-commerce mechanics. 

The platform operates through 2 way API calls to make sure that both systems are continuously in sync with each other. 

Current clients on account are able to purchase using their account and the client has the ability to set account limits. 

Dealing with industrial products means we’ve created a delivery matrix to automatically handle across 3 options based on weight and location.